to seek is to find, stay curious

It's too late to be ignorant, the world is already sorrounded by brilliant tech, get brilliant too

One, Two, Three... here you go

Identify quick

We stay curious and observant enough to identify problems to solve, or opportunities to take advantage of. Most times they come hand-in-hand.

Start now

We prefer to perfect a product rather than perfect a theory. Engage the market with a basic product and use feedback to perfect it for its ideal consumer.

Simplify later

Less than 20% of the world are geniuses, so to think big enough is to think simple. The simpler the product, the more users it can accommodate. Simplify!

Living the life

No special hours with us, it’s all about tasks & deadlines. We travel, go on vacation, or just chill at the mall… and we’re working. Work-life balance is a real thing over here.

Doing the most

If you’re on a date, make the most of it. If you’re working on a task, make the most of it. Don’t let an ounce of your effort go to waste, insist on having substantial results.

We engage at three levels


The hunger to find more problems to solve keeps us in the game of tech, and it is a race we’ve chosen to run as a career. We can’t stop solving problems.


It’s indeed a relay race as we must pass the baton to one another, it takes a community to make it through a marathon of limitless miles of growth and wins.

An undisclosed percentage of our profits go to providing scholarships of different capacity to young people in need of Baniri’s love and support.

Sure, we have a few amazing products in the market

So far, we have been solving problems and seizing opportunities in the Finance sector of our country. However, we are already working on an amazing product to solve a pan-African problem as well.

lovely way to live

Wouldn't you agree?

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